Tuesday, April 3, 2018



What a great Easter SonRise service. From the singing, the sharing, the eating, and the baptisms... it was a great time. I appreciate everyone getting up so early and helping make the time of fellowship together that much sweeter. You are the best.

Since I started with Sunday, let me walk backwards to the other events of the weekend. Saturday services at DECC were also a great time with my church family. This is possibly the only time you will very hear a message out of Jeremiah 1 for Easter. Yet, the Lord used His Word to touch many lives - and I say that in response to those who shared such with me.

For those who missed it, the video will be downloaded on our youtube channel, later today.
Until then, here is the outline I used.

  1. You have been created for a God-sized TASK  - v. 5
  2. You have been TALENTED (gifted) by God to fulfill the God-sized TASK - v. 6
  3. You have been born at this TIME to use your GIFTS to fulfill the God-sized TASK - v. 6
  4. You have the TEACHING of Christ to make known at this TIME with the TALENTS (gifts) you have been to fulfill the God-sized TASK - v. 13
On Friday, we had a great time in Bible Study and sharing. We had the Lord's Supper during our time together and just enjoyed the opportunity to be in God's Word together.


Is it possible that one area of the church body which needs to be looked at... taught about...  addressed... is the area of spiritual gifts?

Kowing that God makes no mistakes and that He gifts His children with that which He wants them to use for the furtherance of His Kingdom. Knowing that every child of God has been given at least one spiritual gift. Knowing that the gift(s) that He has given is a blessing to each of His children. Knowing that the operation of the church in being the church is dependent upon God's children knowing and exercising the gift(s) He gives us... I ask that you pray with me to help your leadership learn what ways He wants us to address this and help each person of EBCI not only discover their spiritual gift but how to implement that gift into their life and the life of the church.

An understanding of each gift and how it is to be used biblically is needed. To discern how some gifts are being misused today is needed.  To be equipped to use our gift properly is needed.  Pray for us as we begin to approach this much-needed discipline of the believer.



There are many evangelical churches in Dubai where one can go. Each of them has a different make-up and different style. Not all persons like the same thing. EBCI has it's own personality and style.  Like kids growing up, this style and look changes along the way. What must not change is the message. What must not change is the passion for Christ and His mission to reach the world for His glory and man's eternity. I believe EBCI is the best church to be involved with, in Dubai. With that said, I also believe most, if not all, of the other evangelical churches in Dubai are churches of great character and purpose.

When I was younger, I used to look at the other churches around me as in competition. Competition for my church members. I still believe some were. I do not believe that to be the case, from the leadership, of the other churches in Dubai.

With that said, I believe EBCI is still the best choice among the churches in Dubai for fellowship and the feeling of family. We offer something those who are with us appreciate... A connectivity and community which is second to none. We offer a commitment to the Word of God and sound theology. We offer a warm welcome to visitors and new people which cannot be matched anywhere else. I think we also offer good preaching...
Warren Wiersbe quoted a seasoned preacher, “When you’re young in ministry, you can’t understand why more people don’t come to hear you. But when you get older, you’re amazed that anybody comes to hear you”. 
The list can be longer but I say this to simply reaffirm my belief that EBCI is the best church in Dubai to be a part of. Thank you to all who make EBCI your home away from home. Thank you for your love of Pamela and myself. Thank you for not asking me to be anything more or less than what God has made me to be in and for Christ.

If you believe EBCI is the place to be for church in Dubai on weekends - let your unchurched friends know. Invite them to join you on Saturday mornings. Save them a seat or better give them a ride.


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