Wednesday, April 18, 2018



I stepped aside earlier this week for a few days of much needed mental rest. Did it help? I enjoyed the few days off away from the daily emails I attempt to send. Thank you for your prayers and love. You are the very best people a Pastor could ask for. I am back now, though it may be more every other day than an everyday thing... we will see. I do ask that you keep checking so you can stay as informed on our journey as possible.

It is good to be back at the keyboard.


We will not be returning to chapter 3 of Jeremiah but pressing on to chapter 4. In this chapter, we see it begins with a very direct proclamation to God's people concerning their return to God.

If you are going to return... RETURN!

God is not in the game playing business. He is serious about sin and serious about loving and walking with you. His call is, in part, asking us how serious we are about these two things. He wants us to see sin as He sees sin. Mainly, that which keeps us out of the best fellowship with HIm. He created us for Himself and longs to love on and walk with us in a way that is best for us and a pleasure for Him.

Let me encourage you to join us on Saturday for an exciting time of fellowship with friends and family. Come and see the new faces God is bringing our way and meet those who God calls His people of EBCI. Visitors are always welcome and those looking for a church family that makes God word a priority and missions a mandate, check us out. For my friends not in Dubai - keep us in your prayers. Even on our best days, your prayers are needed and welcomed.


We can gladly announce that the Kolkata Trip is on and we have enough team members to do the work needed. Now, we would love to have more team members to join us as we go to Kolkata and love on the people there with God's grace and mercy. 

If you have interest, let us know. We can even accommodate those outside of the UAE to be a part of the team if God calls you. That outside of the UAE, need to contact me personally so I can brief them on the work and commitment level needed.

God is so good.


I met Kehinde when he was just 10 years old. I was the Principal of the new school in Nigeria. Kehinde was one of 13 students which made up the first class to graduate. The school - Thomas Adewumi International College, Oko Kwara State, Nigeria. The proprietor of the school is my dear friend, Johnson Adewumi. I thank God for his impact on my life.

The picture is from a trip I took my then church group to Nigeria to host a sports camp. This day, where the picture was taken, we were at a local orphanage. I am checking something with Kehinde, who is our group guide for the week. It was just 2 years after this time, I returned to Nigeria and had the joy of officiating the wedding of Kehinde and Comfort. I thank God for the growth I see God has caused in Kehinde's life. I am glad he is able to be here this week. He is in a training conference but hopefully tomorrow we will get to spend most of the day together.

Thank you, God, for giving us friends from all nations and thank you that some of these friends we can call son.

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