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I am asking everyone who receives this blog post... FB posting... email to join us in making May 26 a Saturday service to remember. I am setting a goal of 400 in worship. To see this happen, we need to allow the Holy Spirit to work through us and begin inviting people to join us for this exciting event. To do that, we need to get excited about this event. I want you to imagine our worship hall filled to the brim with people and the presence and power of God pouring Himself on all who are present. I need you to believe that this can be done and God can work through you to be used to reach the unchurched and those who need a home away from home. I need you to commit to pray and seek and speak to those who God brings across your path. Speak to them about the things of the Lord. Let them know of EBCI and how much you would love for them to join you for one service on one day for a special focus on friends... your friends.

For those of you outside of the UAE, you are invited to plan your holiday now and join us for our Friend Day. Seriously, if you can come and visit this great city of Dubai, we will do all we can to help accomodate you during your stay. Pamela and I have a guest room two sofas, a recliner and two air mattresses. Sounds like a party... are you in?


I am struggling, trying to figure out what God is doing. I am asking: 
have we been shifted... 
have we been thrown out of our familiar... 
have we been placed where we have lost nearly 1/3 of our church family... 
are we seeing more of our household of faith leaving the country... 

I have never been one to run from challenges, even when I realize how they could hurt me personally. My mother once said that she thought I had the gift of confrontation (this is not a spiritual gift). I have always found it easy to trust in the Lord in any given situation. Yet, living like this brings out the joy of Christ as we need but it also puts us in a place of pain. When God calls an individual or family to leave the country, there is nothing for me to confront. There is nothing for me to stand up to and deal with intellectually or spiritually to see a different outcome. The people God is relocating over the next few months are people we have invested in and I believe God will take what they received here to where they go and do an even greater work, as a result. I rejoice in God's working in their lives. I hurt that we are losing more of God's finest. 

Back to the focus of this section. I must remember that God is sovereign and being God - He knows best. My calling is not to keep people near me to lean on when times are difficult. My calling is to do what I do as unto the Lord. Not for the approval and acceptance of men but of God. I work for Him. I lean on Him.

This principle is not one God has for me alone but for every person at EBCI and for the church body of EBCI. Our question (my question) needs to be: Am I (are we) doing ALL I (we) do as unto the Lord?

Before I can find peace with the happenings, I must find the peace that God is God and everything is going to work out. I have my responsibility and must focus on that. I have my purpose, I must focus on that. I have my role, I must focus on that. I must do ALL that I do for the Lord, not men. 

Rocky Knoll Baptist, Greensboro, NC

Shortly after seminary, the Lord led our family to RKBC.  It was here I met Harold, who became one of my very best friends. There is more to the story than Harold. 

RKBC was a church structured well with many good men in leadership. They had been a strong church over the years and had the heart to be nothing less. One of the highlights of my ministry there was the different mission trips we took to the NE part of the USA. There are too many stories to share about these trips. I will say this... these trips built lasting relationships with so many of the church body (right, Larry and Gina?). We still have in our lives a blessing from this time. Our daughter-in-law came from this church. We thank the Lord for Amanda. We are blessed as a result. Amanda has to live with the reality - I am her favorite father-in-law.

I thank God for all of these ministries. Every one of them was building blocks, not stepping stones. From here to Africa next...



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