Thursday, May 31, 2018



Today I need you to up your prayer focus. Though the time has not been set, we (some of EBCI's leadership) will be meeting on Sunday, as requested by the Arabic church, to take another step (which is required) towards getting permission to return to the villa.

I have my preference in this situation and it is to return to the villa. Yet, I am willing to lay my preference aside if God's will is different than mine for His will is always best.

There is not a lot of specific information to be shared right now because this is all we know. There is though a time for the people of EBCI and beyond (family and friends around the globe) to lift this coming meeting up in fervent prayer. Let me list some specifics for these prayers.
  1. Pray for God's will to be done.
  2. Pray for the hearts of all involved in this first meeting and the ones to follow... that God will allow them to see our request is good for Dubai.
  3. Pray that the words of your church leaders will be filled with grace and that we talk when God leads and remain silent as God leads.
  4. Pray that this meeting opens the door for us to meet quickly with the CDA.
  5. Pray for the EBCI people, that we will continue to remain hopeful yet willing to accept whatever God wills for us.
  6. Pray that we stay encouraged and excited as we meet each week at DECC.
  7. Pray that God continues to provide the resources for EBCI as we pay 2 rents at the current time.
Will you commit to pray for us as we journey through this time of restlessness?

Let me hear from you if you will join us in prayer.

If you are on FB and not a friend on my list, send me an invitation. I post each blog entry there and also we send an email out with each posting. Let us know if you would like to be on our mailing list. I would love for you to keep up with us so you know how to pray for us in more specific ways.

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