Friday, May 25, 2018


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Yesterday, I wrote about my love for EBCI (my church). I wrote about how I miss EBCI when I am unable to be with you on Saturdays for worship and fellowship. The Bible is very clear that His church (us), is His body. A body where every part is important. A body where God, Himself, has gifted us not only individually but specifically for His glory and purpose.  We are not only a body but the Bible says we are fitted together to become a holy Temple in the Lord - Eph 2:21. This verse is not about one person being a Temple (though that s taught in scripture), it is speaking of the local church... the many members part of the whole. None of us can do everything and God does not expect us to. The body needs all of her God-given parts. The bottom line...

EBCI needs her body parts. We need for the body parts of EBCI to faithfully...
  1. Love their body (the church / EBCI)
  2. Do their part in the body (so we can function correctly)
  3. Gather with the body (to encourage the rest of the body)
  4. Discover your purpose within the Body (what is your spiritual gift)
I confess that as Pastor that I have tried to be body parts God did not create me to be. Others in my church body have done the same. You may think this is silly or you may not understand what I am conveying but if a hand has to fill in for the foot, then the following happens...
  1. The hand really never gets to fully do the role of the hand.
  2. The hand gets tired in the extra work of being a foot, too.
  3. The hand burns out.
  4. The hand stops working.
  5. The body then has a foot and hand problem. 
  6. Who will fulfill the two needed and required parts?
All of this picture of the body can be found in Ephesians. Take time to read it this week and ask the Lord to help you find your place in His body at EBCI.


Within the culture that we live... No matter the circumstances... No matter the challenges we face, Would you as a Follower of Christ be willing to say... "Even if" it cost me my life, I will fully and faithfully stand up for and be unashamed of Jesus?"

I understand very well that this is a difficult question. I ask myself this question often and sometimes I do not answer very quickly or at all because my mind is trying to count the cost of such a question. When I count the cost, I realize what I might lose if I do.

My life has never been threatened in such a way but my journey as a Christian has brought me to different places where I had to choose to follow Jesus or not... To speak for Jesus or remain silent... To compromise Truth for a lie because it was easier. These were not golden statues of a King demanding I bow when the music started playing... BUT... they were the same in principle. To deny Christ for any reason is bowing to something that is not God.

Tomorrow, I will be speaking on this subject and I hope you will be able to be with us on FRIEND DAY. Please do all you can to be with us on Saturday. I hope all my family and friends will take this opportunity to experience what God is doing at EBCI when we gather as the body of Christ for just a few hours on Saturday.

I don't think you will be disappointed... and you might just find a few more friends.


Family atmosphere

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