Monday, May 28, 2018



I am so glad to be your Pastor. You accept me as I am and encourage me to be better. I hate giving excuses for personally falling short of what I need to be and what I know God wants me to be. I accept my shortcomings and pray God will teach me something great from them.

THANK YOU... This past Saturday was FRIEND DAY and I was so encouraged by everyone who brought a friend and introduced them to the church family. 

THANK YOU... For all who brought food and stayed to fellowship after the service. I was basking in the chatter and love being shown as everyone was chowing down on some great food.

THANK YOU... For your continued patience and support as we continue to sort through all of the shifting and uncertainties of a place we can be secure at and call home.

THANK YOU... For simply being you.

Below are some pictures that were taken by Domingo.

Entrance to Salaam Hall

FRIEND DAY at worship

Worship... FRIEND DAY

Our every ready ladies serving lunch

Our ever ready family filling their plates
Still serving

Friend and family enjoying lunch

EBCI is blessed.

Come back...

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