Thursday, May 24, 2018



Make sure you make the final contacts and get the commitments from the friends you have invited. Make sure they have the directions or offer to collect them and bring them with you. Pray earnestly for the next two days that God will honor our efforts to get our friends under the word of God. Pray that, f your friend does not know the Jesus you know that Saturday will be their day of salvation.



I cannot imagine that anyone who reads this unaware of the few days I spent in the hospital and the minor... unplanned... surgery I had. First, thank you so much for your prayers and acts of love. Pamela and I know we can never repay you for all the ways you have loved us over the years. The worst thing about the whole ordeal is that I missed being with you this past Saturday. I am grateful that God has put people in the church, Like Pastor Matt, who can fill in in my absence... at the last minute.

Regardless, the event highlight of my week - every week - is worshipping with you. Just walking around and greeting you... having conversations with you... learning about your week... sharing about mine...

These few hours each Saturday is the only time we gather in mass within a weeks time. I hate this. I want to do this more and more. I do not excpect anyone else to feel the way I feel. I am called to this ministry and as a part of that calling God has given me a love for His people at EBCI that I cannot fully explain in words. 

I guess I am going to ask you at least this... Please pray I do not get sick again so that I do not have to miss being with you.

EBCI - you are the greatest.


Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. - Ephesians 4:29 NIV

This portion of this letter is not directed to any specific person but a general problem I am seeing on the internet... from the keyboards of Christians.

I admit there are many things happening in this world where Christians are sinning and they are being called out for it publically. It breaks my heart... For the sin which is committed (I have sin also) and for the public denigrating talk happening towards fellow Christians. 

I try to live by the rule, if someone sins and offends me, I am to go to them alone, not to the public arena where comments flow contrary to Ephesians 4:29. In essence, my rule is to talk to the person, not about the person if it does not build them up. I am not sure how the cause for Christ is being advanced when a lost world sees God's people tearing each other down.

I do think there is a time when you must talk to someone first.

  1. Someone is being abused... tell the proper authorities
  2. You are not sure what to do... seek Godly counsel
  3. Someone is doing something that will hurt others... get help
There may be more scenarios but each one will be focused on safety and/or a proper approach.

Also, be careful what you post online. Other people read your stuff. Before you post it, ask yourself the 5 questions in the picture above.

Think about it.



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