Thursday, May 17, 2018



What seems like a millennial before smart phones, IPads, even the early Macs, there was KPRO II. This was my first computer and I got it just prior to going to seminary. I did my seminary work on this computer and the 7-inch screen it offered. Everything was DOS and the excitement to have a computer for myself was thrilling. The keyboard connected to the housing and I carried it to the library often. I was cool... for that time. The Macs (PC's) were starting to come on the scene and making their way into the lives of the rich and famous but mine was a pre-historic laptop. I bought this used for $600.0 USD. A bargain for the day.

Things have changed. The KPRO II has disappeared from my life and is probably in the Smithsonian Museum of history. The progression of technology is so quickly advancing, it can be a bit nerve-racking. I remember at the last church I pastored and one of our young adult techies (Matt Biles) got the first iPhone I ever saw. I thought then that it couldn't get more advanced - I was wrong. Things have changed.

In the life of the church, things have changed too. Our demographic make-up is not what it was when I arrived at EBCI. Some new initiatives have brought change in new ministries and opportunities to disciple and be disciples. Our location has changed and, who knows, it may change again. Yet, One thing never changes and that is the message of God's Word to the people on this planet and the call to come unto HIm for salvation and hope. This is our message... our mission... our mandate. So, I ask you to continue to walk with me as we walk with God. We need each other to help us stay on the path God has given us.

Are you all in? Col. 3:17.



For more than a year, I have asked God and shared with Him that I wanted Him to allow me to broaden the scope of my calling. In essence, I want to reach more people with the gospel and the truths in His glorious Word. There is a surge in the popularity of podcasts.

 This statement may not be true for all generations. Regardless, there seems to be an interest in putting the earbuds in and listening to something. Maybe to learn from a lecture... to block out the world and enjoy your favorite songs ... to listen to preachers challenge you from His Word. There are many reasons but it is obvious that wherever we go, the masses around us have themselves plugged into something and are listening to their choice of "whatever".

Two things I seek from you...
  1. Pray that God's will be done concerning this.
  2. Pray that if this is God's will, HE will bring someone my way that knows how to get a podcast up and running.

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