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Maybe a week ago, my kid brother gave a challenge he took and shared on his blog about the Top 10 moments in his life. Of course, I knew most of those things he listed, there were a few I was glad to read. Now, I am going to make my list, which can always change as life brings greater moments into my life along the way.

    1. 1969 - I was led to a saving relationship with Jesus, the Lord by Bob Majeski. This was an eternal transformational moment that will never go away and will always hold me close. This moment in time was the real beginning of my journey and purpose God has for my life... ref. Jeremiah 1:5.
    2. 1979 - January, 14 - I walked into Ridgecrest Baptist church with my older brother. The city was experiencing an ice storm. As a result, not many people were there. It was cold but that day during worship I saw across the room a beautiful young lady, named Pamela. In my heart, I was already pursuing her. With the help of some of the older ladies in the church, they encouraged her. One year and 8 months later we were married (Aug. 2, 1980)
    3. 1980 - I married the love of my life. She still is. She has put up with me and packed her bags to go around the world with me. She continues to help me be a better person. 
    4. 1982 - Our oldest son... Isaiah Chad Estes was born. I was young and knew nothing. I saw God not only protect us during those early years but provide or us like the fish and loaves story. There were times I wondered where the money would come from to feed my son. God is so good.
    5. 1985 - Our youngest son - Matthew Grant Estes was born. I still knew little about being a dad but with God's grace and the best wife by my side, we journeyed through. The Lord protected us with good health for our kids and a great inlaw family nearby. Thanking God for these two boys... daily.
    6. 1987 - Automobile accident which destroyed my knees. It was during these days in the hospital, I surrendered to God's call upon my life to preach. I have never regretted that call or that accident.
    7. 1990 - I graduated from College. I think my dad went into shock that day. I was that one kid of the four of his that I am not sure he saw such achievement in me. Please understand -- I gave him cause to think this way.
    8. 1993 - I graduated seminary. If dad thought the undergrad degree was a shock, this one probably caused him to become a Calvinist. I will let you figure that one out.
    9. 6 different years - Becoming a grandfather. This was better than becoming a dad. One reason is I didn't have to raise them, I would love them... spoil them... fill them with sugar... send them home. I am proud of my boys, their wives and the 6 best grandkids one could ever want or have.
    10. 2014 - Becoming the Pastor of EBCI. I do not put this in because I am currently serving as this Pastor but because I stand before God and recognize, I do not deserve such a blessing. I do not deserve such an honor. The moment we realized this was a sure thing, my heart sang out like never before and my joy was overfilled beyond description.
Why don't you take the challenge and write out the best 10 moments so far in your life... so far.

be there with a bible in your hand... a friend by your side... and a smile on your face.


from the Gulf News yesterday

Ramadan 2018 date in Dubai expected to be announced tomorrow

Moon-sighting committee will gather on Tuesday night to make a decision

The UAE's moon-sighting committee are readying themselves and if a crescent moon is spotted tomorrow night, then Ramadan will start on Wednesday.

I wrote earlier that it would begin tonight. That was my error as the exact date will be chosen by a moon sighting committee here in Dubai for Dubai.

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I love my Church... Her People... Our God

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