Wednesday, May 2, 2018



Let me invite everyone who reads this to join us this Saturday at 10 am at DECC. This is currently the time and place for our weekly worship.  Our doors and hearts are open to all who wish to join us as we worship the King of kings and Lord of Lords.  I hope you can find the opportunity to check us out.

This week we will be integrating the Lord's Supper into the message from Jeremiah. Your Deacon's will be leading the church body in prayer at specific times with a specific focus in their prayers. You may be wondering how the Lord's Supper and Jeremiah 6:16 blend together... well, you are going to have to come and see. I don't want to give away to much information... I do want to whet your appetite though. I hope I did... See you Saturday.


We continue the Gospel Project each Saturday, prior to worship, at 9 am. This week's lesson is on the Spirit Powered Ministry in Jesus' Name (Acts 3-4). Deacon Gunawan will be leading this session.

The Gospel Project... What is it?

Without the work of the gospel, the divide between the created and our Creator would be insurmountable. But there’s good news. God had a plan for His people.

We believe that God’s gospel project began “In the beginning” and continues today in the hearts and lives of His people. It is our greatest hope and the means by which we are free to love, serve, and follow Jesus Christ. The Gospel Project points people of all ages to the good news of the gospel and equip them to live gospel-filled lives individually, in community, and on mission. (* From LifeWays website)


By this time you should have identified that friend you are going to intentionally invite to join you on May 26 for EBCI's FRIEND DAY. If you have not yet identified that person or persons, let me encourage you to do that this week.  Beginning next week, we will be collecting the names (full names not needed to be given) so we can lift these names before the Lord. We are not identifying the person you are focusing on but simply want to have an identifier so we can have a specific identifier to lift before the Lord.

Example... If you were going to invite me... Jon L. Estes, you could put down one of the following... JLE, or JonE, or Jon, or JE. I hope this makes sense. It does to my simple mind.

Our goal for that day is 400. It will be a special structured day and the musicians for that day are already hard at work. Thank you, Greg, for your servant's heart. This day of worship is being planned to do the following... in this order...
  • Honor God and make the day all about Him
  • Thank God for any and all friends invited who came
  • Thank every visitor for joining us and helping make our time worshipping Jesus that much more special
  • Present an atmosphere of warmth, friendliness and welcoming to all who come
  • Present a message in song and word, letting all who attend know that God is worth living... Even If...

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