Friday, June 29, 2018


this is not a bunch of kisses
this is a space needing a purpose
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I sometimes forget that life is not about me... my circumstances... my dreams... my faults ... Life, for me as a believer, is about Jesus Christ. Everything that happens, even in the messes I make or the difficulties I find myself in, God has a lesson for me to learn. The same is true for every follower of Christ. God is teaching each of us as we walk through this thing called life.

Let me ask you two questions, which I hope you will respond to. 1) Through the current time of EBCI and the uncertainty of things due to the shifting, what is God teaching you? 2) How are you applying these lessons to your daily life? 

Here are my answers... 1) That God has every right to put me through whatever He wants to put me through so that I grow in my dependence on Him and that I can be a better encourager and leader for the people He has given me to love and lead. 2) There are days I know I do better than others but I have also learned that when I am slack, He puts others from my people to demonstrate encouragement and leadership... which pushes me to stop being slack.

The end product is a greater love and appreciation for God... who will not stop working in my life, through His word, the Holy Spirit, circumstances, and His people. It also gives me a deeper love for my people. 

Thank you for being you and for loving Pamela and me as you do. We are looking forward to whatever comes of this mandate and know God will not stop being God to the people and ministries of EBCI.


Last Saturday, Matt and I went to the DECC meeting which outlined the policies and rules for usage of the DECC building. I am not posting them in the blog or on FB due to the length. I will be attaching it to the email letter I send.

This document I will send is not for public distribution but is provided to those receiving it via email for their personal use. Those receiving this handbook are connected to EBCI as members, attendees, family, friends and prayer warriors (those who receive the email). Let me thank you in advance for not distributing this document beyond yourself.


Gotch Ya... The due date for all submissions is July 19. The contest is to design a header for my blog and the emails I send out. So far, no one is pulling away with from other entries with their awesome entry because no one has submitted an entry yet. 

Nane, I know you just left the country but You can submit something and if you win, you can designate who will receive the Grand Prize (Study Bible/journal/pen combo). Anyone outside the UAE can submit an entry and designate who can receive the Grand Prize (and only prize).

SO... I hope to see dozens of entries this week. Yes, I said dozens (and not all by the same person). One entry per person. Now, if you have the power of deduction you know that if you are the only person to submit an entry you will win and I will have to use your banner, no matter what it looks like and if it honors God.


Thank you, Matt, for making a great suggestion. Due to the nature and diversity of "Baptists" and EBCI not being a Southern Baptist church (directly linked), I will have to give this some deep thought. If I wrote about my position, there will be many within the Baptist family that would disagree. Autonomy (one of our great principles) causes the differences. Even those things you and I would say are what bind us, are up for debate at this time. I will write on this but it will be a little further down the road.

SO... Do any of you have a subject matter you would like to see addressed? Make it serious... silly... personal to you... or a question to the Pastor will do.

NOTE... Though this letter is from your Pastor and to my friends and family abroad, this is your letter. This letter is being put together for you to enjoy and it is designed to pass the needed information along that is relevant to the life of EBCI. It will include humor (at least funny to me), serious subjects and just random thoughts that go through my disturbed brain.

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