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Wednesday night prayer meeting was led by Deacon Arun. Thank you, Arun for your love for God... EBCI and Her people.    Arun was charged with the challenge and focus on this part of the Lord's Prayer...

...forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors --

Requesting forgiveness of our sins and forgiving the sins and hurts of others.

Thank you to each of you who made it out on Wednesday and for your role in our 7 Days of Prayer. Your Pastor is so proud of you.


Last night (Thursday), Deacon Laike led the prayer meeting. Thank you, my Brother. Laike's focus was...

And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil

Ask the Holy Spirit for protection from temptation and sin.

Thank you to all who were able to make it out last night. Thank you for those who prayed at home. These prayer meetings are drawing us together and preparing us for greater things.

FINAL NIGHT - Do not miss tonight's prayer meeting. Tonight's meeting will begin at 5 pm. Let's fill the middle seating of the villa with prayer warriors. Let's close these prayer meetings out with a surge in attendance. This is a no work day for most and we will have church at DECC tomorrow. Come and be a part of tonight's meeting and let's Rock heaven with our petitions. Deacon Preetham will be leading tonight's session.

Tonight's focusFor thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever. Amen. Acknowledging God and all His Power and Glory... We started this prayer season with God and we will end with Him.


This is a contest for those who live in Dubai but for those who like a challenge and are artistic outside the UAE, you can submit something for consideration. The prize is available for locals only.

Due to the multiple ways this letter gets sent out (about 5 times a week), I want to create a banner to be used as a recognizable header. I redid the one from the other day and it is better but not quite there yet. SO...

The contest is for those who wish to submit a new header to be judged and used for my almost daily publication. Credit will be given to the winner with a tag saying, Designed by _______ and the winner will win the grand, and only, prize... a Study Bible, journal, and very nice writing pen. The deadline for submitting your design will be July 19. I will judge the entries. I will have the Grand and only prize on display the first Saturday in July at the church service.

  • One submission per person
  • Meet the deadline
  • All questions about the contest must be submitted to me in writing

The contest started 2 days ago... so don't waste time get going now.


The words... "Thus saith the Lord", were words I heard often growing up from preachers (my day and others along the way). It was used to signify the importance of what was being said and to draw men's ears and hearts to God's amazing truths. Here in Jeremiah, it is being used to catch Gods people's attention and hear some very stern and worrying words from the Lord Himself. They might even be considered a threat but please know, God is not threatening us, He is dealing with the truth... His truth.

God's people cannot live the way they want and expect God to remain silent forever. God hates sin. He hates what it does to His people and even more, what it does to the relationship we have entered into with Him... at the cost of His own Sons life.

If you had a child that was dying. If at the same time I died but had agreed to leave my organs to the donor program. And if your child got the organs they needed to live from my donations. Your child’s health was restored and a good long life was the result. How long would it be till you forgot what I did? How long would it be before you stopped telling people about me?

I have met families who have children and/or spouses who have a life now because someone left their organs to be donated. For some, many decades have passed but these people still can't stop telling the story of how the death of one changed their lives, even if it temporarily. I recently read a story where the wife who lost her husband went and saw the teenager who got her husbands heart. She put her ear to the chest of the young man and listened to her husband's heartbeat. The teen and his family were crying, so thankful to have their son alive and with them still.

There was One who died who gave us eternal life. May we never forget and never lose the excitement of the life we now have because He donated (gave) us what we need to live and not only live abundantly but eternally.

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