Monday, June 18, 2018


The first two days of our prayer meetings have been awesome. The challenge the deacons are bringing and the love they are showing makes me proud. Each evening of prayer a Deacon is taking a portion of the Lord's Prayer and speaking to it, then leading us in prayer with that focus. Each Deacon brings their own personality and gifts to lead these times of challenge and prayer. EBCI, we are blessed.

Tonight will be our 3rd night of the 7 nights. Gunawan will be leading tonight's meeting. Please make plans now to join us and get first-hand experience of this prayer fellowship with your fellow church family.


Thank you Seun for leading this first night and drawing our focus on God. Our Father, which art in heaven, holy is Your name.  The time of praise you gave each of us was exciting and refreshing to hear my family share the greatness of God in their lives, as they journey.

Seun, your leadership for this time catapulted us forward to anticipate the coming nights with excitement. Thank you for your leadership and your faithfulness in being a Deacon at EBCI.


The second night (last night), Deacon David led. David drew our attention to the Kingdom and surrendering our will to the Holy Spirit. Thy Kingdom come... He used multiple scripture references on the Kingdom and the importance of our place in God's Kingdom and our need to submit fully our will to the Holy Spirit.

David, Your leadership last night was a blessing and exciting for me. You need to be leading some of the Gospel Project studies. Thank you for your leadership and commitment to the task God has given us at EBCI.

Tonight make sure you are with us for the third focus... Thy will be done...

This is the final week Gunawan and Nane will be with us. They are transitioning out of Dubai and returning home. It has been a complete joy to serve with Gunawan. He has taught me much and reminded me of more in the past year. What a blessing and what a family. You will be missed.

See everyone tonight @ 7:30 at the villa.

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