Tuesday, June 12, 2018



Trusting God in any and all of the things life throws at us does not remove our responsibility and accountability to our calling.  As a matter of fact, trusting God heightens our role in any given situation. Trusting God does not mean letting go and sitting back and relinquishing our God-given responsibility and letting God do what He has called us to do. It does mean surrendering yourself to God in the situation and trusting God to work in and through you to accomplish that which He desires to accomplish. We are His instruments to be used for His pleasure to build His people for His glory. To see this done, we must come together... lift each other up... pray for God to show Himself and allow us to see Him at work instead of the life-crushing blows we keep getting.

Someone asked me recently if I were frustrated. That wasn't the exact question but it was the gest of it. I was... I still am. I have given it to the Lord yet I still have a responsibility and accountability to God in all of this shifting mess. The first thing |I must do is 1] trust God. Then, 2] seek His face. Then, 3] discover how He wants to use me in all of this. Then, 4] be obedient. Please pray for your Pastor.

* I wrote all but the last sentence yesterday when the frustration was at its peak. I am much better today. I know some of God's finest were praying for me as a result of this.


The time has come. I am asking all of the people of EBCI to join us in corporate prayer for what EBCI is going through. There will be a season of prayer for seven straight nights. This will begin Saturday night at 7:30 and meet each evening at the same time. I am asking that every one of us attend at least one of these prayer meetings. If you can attend more, please do. All of the meetings will be in the villa.

I will be asking each Deacon to lead one night of the prayer meetings. Pray now that they will have the opportunity to schedule their time next week for this. I will be putting together over the next few days a prayer guide for all that is before us and each night of prayer will have a different focus.

I am asking each member and attender and any who have been disconnected from EBCI as a result of this shift to join us... for one of the nights.

I know most of you have been praying and some may ask... why now? I have already been working on this coming Saturdays message from Jeremiah 10. In this passage, God spoke to me, concerning Himself. He reminded me of many things I had not been focusing on. It all started with two phrases found in verses 6 and 7. The phrase is... There is no one like You. The song with this phrase in it keeps running through my mind. I woke up around 12:45 this morning and this song kept playing over and over in my head. It was these words in the passage that flung my brain and heart to not only trust HIm in this but to do my God-given responsibility, through this.

I encourage you to read Jeremiah 10 this week and see what it says about God. What it says which really cannot be applied to anyone else, in full.

I will speak more to this in the next few days.

Make the commitment now to be one of the Prayer Warriors next week.

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