Sunday, June 24, 2018




When or if I retire, I have asked God to let me live in either Wilmington, DE or the Blue Ridge Mountains (see the picture to the left). Wilmington, DE is a city we lived in when our boys were young. I fell in love with the city, the people and the beauty of the surrounding area. The Blue Ridge Mountains is a geographic region where, in the fall, there is no more beautiful a place on the globe. The Blue Ridge Mountains is my preferred choice. In all reality though, I will probably not retire in either... I may not retire at all. What is important, even when I have things I prefer, is that I trust God and let Him have His way in all of my life preferences. If I have to retire in my son's basement, so be it. It is my understanding that Anneen (Grant's wife) is praying for this. I believe it is because I am her favorite Father-in-Law. I may be wrong and it may be, and I am not sure though, that it is Pam's home cooking and having built-in childcare workers (to which Pamela and I would cherish).

I am sure each of you can think of your personal preference on where you would like to spend your final days before going home to that place which is so much better... Heaven. If it is God's will to give you something different, thank Him for it. Be glad He is giving you something. Be glad you have a heavenly Father who provides what is best.

Begin doing the  following or add the following to your existing quiet time today

In your quiet times this week I am asking you to ask God each day the and see how He responds.

Lord, my desire in this shifting we are dealing with, I am asking that You allow us to
  1. remain at DECC and move forward... or
  2. return to the villa and move forward.
At this time, do not share which you are praying for. But after you have prayed this every day until God answers and are listening to His voice as you study His word daily, write down what you see God saying. Remember to not only express where your heart is in this matter but finalize this part of your prayer with... "Not my will but Yours be done." Get into the Word and see how the Lord speaks...for the Lord is speaking.

Regardless of which way God leads us, we must come together and thank Him for leading us to His very best for us.


Two of our most popular ministries are in need of new leadership. These ministries are currently on summer break so this is the best time to begin seeking what God would have you do in meeting this ministry need.

If you have an interest in stepping up and into these places of service within the church, please let me know. I will schedule a time to sit down with you and walk you through the details the role requires. If you know the Lord is not calling you to do this, please be praying God will not only show the person He has for these ministries but that these persons will obediently respond.

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. - 1 Peter 4:10


Tomorrow the paperwork for application to remain in the villa will be submitted to the proper authorities in Dubai. Please put on your daily prayer list, the CDA of Dubai. Pray that God will allow them to find favor with our request and that if we get an invitation to meet with them that we will exemplify Christ in all w say and do.

Give thanks to the Lord that we are even allowed to meet in this great country and to meet openly, as Christians. Thank God for His provisions and let God know how grateful you are for working all these years in the life of the Dubai government to be tolerant of the evangelical message and work.

I doubt the CDA rolls a dice to make their decisions (in reference to the clip art I chose - I just liked the clipart). I do believe they will look at this with an open eye to see the reason we are requesting what we seek. I do believe God is sovereign and His will... will be done. I do believe we must pray fervently and effectively. I do believe our best days are still ahead of us. I do believe we must make all of this about God's Kingdom being built. I do believe when the dust settles, we will be better off. I do believe... Lord, help my unbelief.

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