Friday, June 8, 2018



The Call to Prayer meeting last night became the highlight of my week to that point. God was so good to all who attended and He blessed us with great music and powerful times of prayer. Thank you to all who attended from EBCI and the several other churches who supported this great evening. Below are some testimonies from some of those who had the opportunity to be there.

I stand encouraged by the event and the Lord spoke to me in many different ways. The trials we are facing are nothing compared to many who are suffering for Christ in different areas all around the world.
  What a blessing and encouragement to see and experience the unity of evangelical churches here in Dubai as they worship together and pray for one another. Regardless of nationalities, language, denominational affiliations, they came together as one body of Christ in this city. To God be the glory! ~ Paul 
  It was an overwhelming experience that the Christian churches in Dubai were gathered together last night to lift God's name and to pray. God has tremendously blessed each and everyone. I have learned that it is not just EBCI experiencing the struggle in the mandate that was given to Christian Churches in UAE - there are others as well. But it was comforting to know that all of the churches are praying for each other and praying for the government. Last night was an eye-opener that we should seek God and let him do the work in His time and in His majestic way. I am sure that He will see us through and His will be done. To God be the glory! ~ Mayme 
  I was so blessed to be part of the prayer meeting and the experience God brought in me was beyond amazing. Worshiping our true God here in Dubai with other fellow Christians from different churches, cultures reminds us that though we are diverse but in Christ, we are one body and part of one church. One of the most important thing being a Christian is not to give up faith and keep praying at any circumstances even if it’s taking time, as prayer is the only way God can answer your requests and guide you through in confusions. Also the testimony shared urges, we Christians to pray for the people who desires to receive Christ but unable to do it due to various situations ~ Shinto
  It was such a blessing to see a lot of believers from different churches gathering together in prayer. We know that EBCI’s situation isn’t an isolated case but seeing and hearing that there are others in the same boat makes it more real, and then seeing everyone, last night; in worship - singing praises to God; in prayer - with the assurance that God is in control; was just awesome and inspiring. ~ Anna
  On Thursday June 7, 2018 at 8 pm representatives of all the churches registered with D.E.C.C Dubai Evangelistic Church Centre did a call to Prayer to pray for the churches in Dubai.  For me it was a wonderful experience and it has reinforced the Lord's teaching that in every situation we must give thanks because many people are actually going through experiences and situations which are a lot worst.  What struct me was the testimony given by the Pastor from the Iranian Christian Church in Dubai.  He shared some of his experiences that he had ministering to a church in Iran and all the tribulations he went through from being arrested, being in prison, tortured all in the name of Jesus Christ.  Which was what some of the Apostles went through namely Peter and Paul.  But thank God he survived and was able to share his testimony with us.
  Psalm 28 : 7 says "The Lord is my strength and my shield, my heart trusted in him, and I am helped therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth and with my song will I praise him.
  No matter what your situation, always thank and praise him ~ Dain
It was a blessing to see believers united in prayer. It was very encouraging to know that EBCI is not alone. Other churches are praying for us & we should continue praying not only for our church but for them as well. ~ Rora


Pamela and I are looking for a Christian conference to attend this fall. The focus we want to learn more about is Making Disciples. We have seen God do some wonderful things in and through many people at EBCI but we want to know how to get more people involved in God's mission for His church.

Think about it this way... When Jesus started His ministry, the first thing He did was find men and tell them to "Follow Me and I will make you "Fishers of men" (Disciples who will learn how to make Disciples). When Jesus was leaving the scene, the last thing He did was give us the Great Commission... "Go and make Disciples". This was something He said to them after investing 3 years to make them Disciples. If the Lord's priority at the beginning was to make Disciples and he spent three years making these men into Disciples and then, in the end, He commissioned them to make Disciples, I ask... What is the common denominator and example we are to follow?

There are a few conferences out there. Some that catch my attention more than others. Some with dates that just don't work. Some that have sketchy (my term) statements of faith. So pray for us as we begin seeking to go and learn more about being a Disciple that makes Disciples.

There is so much God asks of us... it seems. Yet, we do know from His word that whatever He asks, He provides that which is necessary to accomplish the task.

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