Sunday, June 3, 2018



Please mark your calendar for Thursday night as there is a gathering at DECC to pray for the many things affecting the evangelical church in Dubai. We are costing this time of prayer with the Arabic church and Fellowship.

I am not yet sure which hall we will meet in but come on in and you will find us. It all begins at 8 pm.  The prayer time will focus on the following four focus points.

  1. Focus on God
  2. Focus on Churches and Pastors
  3. Focus on Government
  4. Focus on Unity

There will also be music and encouragement both in English and Arabic.

Make plans now to not miss this great time before the Lord.


First, I want to personally thank each of you for your consistent prayers as we have been facing the uncertainty our the place we can call home for EBCI.

Nadim and I had a great meeting with the leader of the Arabic Church (AC). We have an ally in the AC. The AC is working with us and spoke on our behalf to see us return to the villa. The AC has provided to us, the proper paperwork and channel to follow to get the highest consideration for our request. As you pray - lift up a prayer of thanks for the AC.

The following are specifics you can pray for...
  • God's Will be done
  • The EBCI family gladly accepting God's Will
  • The AC, as they continue to guide us in this process
  • That we can know early that we can return, even if temporarily, to the villa by July 1
  • All details worked through and nothing overlooked or forgotten
  • The availability of any of us if called upon in this whole process
  • Our current ministries
  • Those who will be traveling soon - for the summer
Let me know how you see God answering your prayers.


I wrote recently about my greatest desire is to make a difference. Let me ask you to take a "big picture" look at the world you live in. Not geographically but daily. For the next week or so... become a people watcher. Notice how many of the people you cross paths with daily present themselves as... Happy... Sad... Content... Fearful... and any of the many other body expressions - especially in the face.

Then I challenge you to do something for one or two of them. Nothing which costs you anything but time and a kind word, maybe.

Most of you know that my recent medical stint and meds (which for now I am free of) caused me to be sluggish. Yesterday at church I felt better but after the preaching, I was whooped... spent... wasted... enervated... drained... exhausted. The Lord put a smile on my face and allowed me the joy of fellowshipping with my church family. Wanting to be that encourager, the one who can...maybe... make a difference with my words.

Then it happened.  

A wonderful young adult in the church came up to me and spoke some encouraging and kind words. He expressed his love and appreciation then said he had something for me. He immediately took a bracelet off of his arm and put it on me and told me he wanted me to have it. This was an act of total unselfishness. He did not have to do this but somewhere deep inside, he believed he did.

There are many things on this planet that would garner more value and many things which others would prefer to have. Not me. This small treasure caused my heart to leap and my joy to be full. God used the simple gesture of this young adult to lift my spirits and increase my energy.

Let's all find a way to be that encourager someone else needs.


I know there are people out there who cringe when they read something that has typos or grammatical errors. I'm not that person. You already know this by the typos I make in my letters. All I can say is I confess I am poor in writing skills. I do thank the Lord for your greater skillset in this area and any correction I get in this area doesn't fall on deaf ears. I cannot promise it will change a lot this late in my life but if you cannot read the stuff in the picture quickly - or even at a normal pace, let me know. I promise to simply smile at you.

Thanking God for our differences.

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