Thursday, June 7, 2018



Do you notice anyone?

We are proud of Pastor Matt and the work he does here with our teens. Matt is a product of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. They trained him well for the work here. He also has the joy of getting together with other SBTS alumni. Cool video and a cool Matt.


Pamela and I purchased a game we play with our grandkids, though we got the Europe location game. We got the game... Ticket to Ride. It is a strategic game and can have 2-5 players competing against each other. Here is why I ask. I am thinking about having a game night at the church where we offer challenges to others in the church playing certain preselected games. If you have an interest in this and think your competitive level can win over the pastor...let me know. Let me know what games you have and I will begin working on a date and signup to have the game night. We will not be able to play every game suggested but will choose those that will bring the fellowship joy and laughter and togetherness... as we play and as I talk a big game.

You need to be forwarned... I am a very competitive person and take winning seriously. I would probably schedule this on a Friday night, hopefully sometime in June so your response is needed quickly.


Blessed are those - God is showing that there are certain habits we can have that bring the blessings we need. Q - Are you receiving the fullness of God's blessings determined by Him and His desire to bless you?

Whose delight is in the law of the Lord -- The habit is concerning our delights. I know each of us delights in stuff and the list is too long to make but the basis for the blessings we need is having a delight in God's written Word. Q - Where in the list of delights in your life )listed in priority) does God's Word fall?

And who meditates in it day and night - This comment in Psalms is interesting, as it sets the parameters for how much we ought to be thinking about God and His word to us. It says... Day and Night. Q - How much time a day do you think of the things says to you, through His word? 

Think about these things.

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