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It is possible that many believers do not comprehend the life-changing event that has come into their lives and made an eternal impact. In our circles, we often call this story our testimony. Testimony - the story of what Christ did for us - in us - as a result changed our lives.

Today's common venue of our speaking is in the form of social media. Many of my FB family and friends use this platform to let all who care to look... what you are thinking... feeling... wanting... regretting... and more. I enjoy "some to most" of what my friends post. I cringe at some things (asking: Really?"... "What are they thinking?"). I shake my head at others (not everything we think is funny - is funny). Still, there are a few that I... I... I'll stop there.

So let me say this to all my FB family and friends. As a Christian, everything we post is a reflection of our heart and mind and focus (or lack of) on God. Here are a few things that cause me concern.
  • When we post something that has vulgarity or symbols that replace the vulgar word... what are we thinking?
  • When we post something that does not present modesty... what are we thinking?
  • When we promote something that does not give, at the minimum, some thankful recognition to God, His love and grace towards us and others... what are we thinking?
Who do we think God is? Family and Friends... God did not die just so we can go to heaven. I know sometimes the church has been guilty of making that the highlight when it is really only a very small part of a much greater blessing.

Let me challenge you to write out your testimony and share it on FB. Forget trying to be cool... hip... acceptable to the world. Share on FB your story telling us how The great God of all creation forgave you and made you His very own. Put it on FB and send me a soft copy.

If you get this letter through email and you do not do FB. Please write your story (testimony) and send it to me. Please do this.

I am going to put together a book. It will be a book of testimonies... your testimonies. You do not have to be a member of EBCI to do this.  Will you take the challenge?


I have always wanted to have the discipline of journaling. Maybe that is an overstatement. A better way of saying this might be… I admire those who have the discipline of journaling. I have started hundreds of times and stopped just as many. I convinced myself there were so much more enjoyable things to do in life than sit and write (or type) my thoughts. There were sometimes I didn’t even know what I was thinking and how do you write about that? I never excelled in school in things like Composition, Basic English, Journalism (I thought we could just read the newspaper every day in class... I was wrong). So I never have taken a long-term liking to writing. What is interesting is that when I take my time and put the things down, the way I think them through, my writing is decent. My mom once said I was gifted in writing (she thought I was Todd, the Beloved). I have had two articles published in Baptist magazines… One on missions to Cuba and the other on church conflict over evangelism. Well, I need to get back to the reason for this blog entry.

Our journey in life doesn't always take us where we always thought we would go or become what we always wanted to become. Things change. As we get older our interests change. This immediately throws away the childhood fantasies (or it should). Something stirs within us. A new dream about the future and all those things we once thought were important (which really were not), are gone. This scenario repeats itself throughout our lives… more for some…less for others, but we all must face this fact… life will change for us and life will change us.

Sometimes the change in life is easy, other times it can be difficult. Being a Christian does not minimize the event or the emotions but being a Christian does give us a way to walk through these valleys and climb those mountains.

Maybe, just maybe, we recognize that we are growing up and in that, we come to accept the fact that our plans are not always the best plans for us. When I was a child I wanted to be a ballerina. You heard it here first. Now, when you stop laughing, please know this is better than the other choice I considered. I’ll leave that subject for another day. Praise the Lord, that changed.

Some of the changes we face, we do so with excitement and anticipation. At other times we may have trepidation due to many reasons. As I get older, I look back over the years and wonder if all my wandering has benefited me or hurt me. Maybe some of both. I can say this... God has used all of those events in life to make me who I am. Not yet perfect (far from it) but on the road to being perfected.

Journaling will help me remember the stories of the past and remind me of God's presence and His leading in those changes.

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