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The term responsibility is interesting because it is a word that will define us or the antithesis of this word will. We will either be a person who is responsible or irresponsible. Depending on which term defines us will determine if we will meet the responsibilities we have in life and in the church. I have worked with people along the way who were let go of their job for being irresponsible. They did not fulfill the responsibilities they were required to fulfill.

A dear friend of mine, Mike Wiesenbach posted the video which is worth watching. Please take 5 minutes of your free time and watch this video.

The principles being shared go along with the "Make a Difference" subject I have been speaking on. We, as believers, have a responsibility to make a difference. May the Lord see us as responsible followers of Christ and not irresponsible ones.


It is possible you think theologians are those men who sit and study the bible all the time. They have long white beards. They know Hebrew and Greek as if it were their birth language. Maybe you think the preacher or your Bible Study Teachers are what theologians are.

This just isn't completely true. Let me state it simply this way. If you are a Follower of Christ...

You Are A Theologian!

Let this statement sink in.

         plural noun: theologians
  1.      a person who engages in or is an expert in theology (the study of God).

I think we have concluded that every Christian is a theologian. The next principle to understand about this topic is... We, including me, are either a good theologian or a poor one.

So, let me ask you to answer the following question... Are you currently engaged in the study of God? Your answer to this will tell you what kind of theologian you are.


A reminder that on Thursday at 8 pm, there will be a prayer meeting with EBCI / Arabic Church / Fellowship calling their people together to a time of covenant prayer. There will be music - challenge and a high focus on prayer.

Mark your calendar if you have not already. We need you to gather with your church family for this time of seeking God. Come and let us demonstrate unity with our sister churches and pray and worship with them. We need this. The focus will be on the Evangelical Churches and their Pastors.

2. Churches and pastors As churches we are in a difficult and challenging situation. Some churches have become ‘ homeless’ and other churches have become a church on the move. When you move around you (can) lose people.       Pray for each other’s church. Pray that in this time of moving and shaking, that the flock will stay together so that no one will be left out.       Pray that church members will make a decision to stay and remain together. Pray that even in this time the churches might grow. Let it not be a time of loss but a season of gain, of harvest.       Pray for wisdom of the pastors, pray that they will be strengthened with His power, pray that in this time their eyes will be focused on Him, the Author and Perfecter of our faith ( Heb. 12:2)       Pray that the spirit of fear and intimidation will have no grip on the pastors and the churches. Consider the quote: ‘Faith doesn’t deny a problems existence, it denies it a place of influence.’

I know I can count on my church family.

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