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This is a contest for those who live in Dubai but for those who like a challenge and are artistic outside the UAE, you can submit something for consideration. The prize is available for locals only.

Due to the multiple means this letter gets sent out (about 5 times a week), I want to create a banner to be used as a recognizable header. I quickly threw together the one above but am not as satisfied with it as I want to be. SO...

The contest is for those who wish to submit a new header to be judged and used for my almost daily publication. Credit will be given to the winner with a tag saying, Designed by _______ and the winner will win the grand, and only, prize... a Study Bible, journal, and very nice writing pen. The deadline for submitting your design will be July 19. I will judge the entries. I will have the Grand and only prize on display the first Saturday in July at the church service.


  • One submission per person
  • Meet the deadline
  • All questions about the contest must be submitted to me in writing
The contest start... NOW!


The picture is not the same one I posted earlier on FB but is one of the several taken last night.

What a great time, as all of our prayer times have been. Thank you, Deacon Paul, for your leadership and sound teaching on your section of the Lord's Supper... Give us this day our daily bread. Excellent job. Thank you to each of the small prayer pods for working together and lifting the requests listed before the Lord. The fresh aroma of the sound of the prayers filling the room was captivating.

Challenge... If you have attended any of the Days of Prayer and would like to send me a short (4-5 sentences)  and encouraging note, I will be glad to publish it here for the encouragement to others. The sooner you send me something, the better. Thanks in advance for your willingness to let God encourage others through you.

DAY 5 focus: Request forgiveness of our sins and forgiving the sins and hurts of others --- forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Deacon Arun will be leading tonight's meeting.

See you there.


God is the creator of color and I am convinced that He has given us color so we can recognize the beauty of His creation. Even when He gave us the rainbow full of color, it was to remind us of His covenant to never again destroy the world He created with a flood.

I do not hear it today but when I was growing up there was a phrase used to describe a person's sinful history. The phrase was... "They have a colorful past". How wrong they are in using something so beautiful and tie it to something so dark. Scripture is clear... God is light (Psalm 119:105, John 1:5, James 1:17) and HIs creation is filled with color for us to enjoy. May we never tie the beauty of what God has done to the darkness of sin.

Prayers needed... Jeremiah 11 is an interesting and difficult passage. Not only to work through but to deal with God's Word to His people. MOving from the exciting list of God's attributes in Jeremiah 10, to God saying He will curse His people in Chapter 11 exemplifies the attribute of our God is JUDGE from chapter 10, verse 18. Please pray that as I continue to work through this chapter that I see what God wants me to see to share with you... EBCI... His church. Read through this chapter before you pray so you can better understand the complexities this chapter brings. Pray, not only for me but for God to speak to you as you read this chapter. Pray for EBCI that they will be blessed by these most difficult and challenging words.

OLD POSTS (do you get it?)

I have been blogging for years. Nothing as regular as I do now. For those who receive this letter through email, it is a cut and paste of my blog entry for the day we send you the email.

If you are bored or just like reading thoughts from a disturbed person... have at it. My blog "Java w/ Jon" is accessible by clicking HERE.

For thinkers... What significance does the picture have with this part of the letter? I chose this picture for three reasons... Can you figure all of them out? I will play this like the game mastermind. To answer you must give three reasons. I will tell you how many are right and how many are wrong but not which ones fit which category. Are you ready to think? One should be simple.


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