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I know... I know... it was a few years ago. Ok... Ok... more than a few years ago. Thank you, Erin, for digging this out for me.

The reason I am posting this picture is to remind me that my hair wasn't always grey and that, in times past, the head of brown hair flattered me when I was a much more slender Pastor.

So, here is what I am going to do. My goal is to have brown hair again. To reward myself with this I must get back to that size and shape in the picture. When I make it, I am going to dye my hair back to the brown color it was before grey. To get my brown hair back, which now comes in a bottle, I must be diligent in losing a few inches.

So, what I need for you to pray for is that your Pastor can have the discipline to do what must be done so I can have a head of brown hair again... even if it comes from a bottle.

As I take this journey to get to my goal of donning brown hair again, I might take a holiday and leave grey headed and come back brown crowned. That would be cool.

Tell me what you think.


From my observation, most Christians consider repentance as something lost people do. Well, they are only partially correct. Lost people must repent to be saved and enter into an eternal and loving relationship with Jesus Christ. This is the literal lesson from Luke 13:3

This act of repentance, in response to God's offer of forgiveness, is the repentance that begins the relationship we can have with Jesus. What we need to learn is that this first repentance is the first of many times in a Christians life we will need to address the act of repentance.

All moments of repentance from salvation forward are a result of "us" committing sin as a Christian so that we can restore the broken fellowship which was created by our sin. We are still in the relationship but sin causes a break in the fellowship. Heaven is still ours but the missed blessings should concern us.

The greatest blessing we miss when we have unconfessed sin which we do not repent of is... our loving daily walk with Jesus. Wait... God has not left us (as He will never forsake His children) but when sin is there, we do not recognize His presence as we ought... we do not hear Him when He speaks... we move through life without divine direction. We can also find ourselves blaming God for not being there when our sin gets us in trouble. Which adds more sin upon the already unconfessed sin we are fighting with.

Sin in the believer's life unfolds like this... The police offer us a home security system and we gladly take it. They come in and install it (free of charge). We are excited and we set our private code so it will work as it ought. We tell our friends and neighbors how safe we are and tell them that the police are giving away more free security systems and hey can have this gift at no cost. Over time, this excitement wears off and making sure the security is on becomes more of a hassle than we want to deal with. So we stop using the security system. Sometime later, we go out to eat with some friends who just got their new security system and they start sharing their excitement. We begin to think... this will end... they will soon grow tired and not want to mess with it anymore (like we did). We tell them we have one but we don't use it anymore. LIfe is too busy to stop and make sure it is set. What you do not realize is... The man in the next booth at the diner hears this and follows you home to see where you live. He waits till you go out again and goes to work. You see this man is a thief.

You see, when we let sin in our lives and get relaxed in our relationship with Jesus, we set ourselves up for danger. It is like telling the thief in the next seat that you do not need security to be safe. In reality, we are letting the thief our home is prime pickings and he can easily get into our home to do what he does (John 10:10a) by the nature of being a thief. 

What we have forgotten is that the police (symbolic of God) who freely gave us this alarm system (symbolic of the Holy Spirit) said they would be there for us as we use the alarm like it was intended to be used. When we don't use the alarm correctly we can find ourselves in predicaments that could have been avoided.

Some even take a step deeper into sin and complain that the police didn't do anything to stop the thief, who we (if we really want to point fingers) invited in. Wouldn't it be better to tell the police that we had done wrong and not set the alarm and ask them to forgive us for our error? This does not excuse the thief but it does restore us to the right type of relationship we need to have with the police. Starting with trusting the police to know whats best for us. We will be glad we did.

Do you remember when Adam blamed God for giving him "the woman"? Yes, it happens. 

I hope you get the spiritual lesson I am hoping to make. It has a little bit to do with tomorrow's sermon

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