Friday, July 27, 2018

Friday's Fun...


The reasoning is all mine. I see things which I believe will help EBCI better position herself to get needed information to the masses we want to reach or to encourage the people we have.

This contest may be a bit more complicated and it may take the help of others to put it together but I see what I am aiming for as something vital to our testimony and reaching to the unchurched and new residents in Dubai.

As we work to bring our website up to date (an ongoing ministry due to the nature of hosting a website), I am looking to make our website fresh and super attractive (not just pretty but drawing in those who check it out). I would like to have on the home page a 90-second video which encompasses EBCI, her people, her ministries, and our God.

To see a good video (one I think is good) of a church who has such, check this link. I am not looking to replicate this but use the power of communication to let all who check us out on the internet see that we are the church we know we are and the people who are growing to be more like Christ daily.

Here is some information which will help you focus.

* The video needs to represent our meeting place and time. I know this will not be known fully until the end of this month. So, whatever the decision ends up being, we need a home page wow factor which will draw people to check us out.
* The video should highlight the people of EBCI more than the leaders. We are family with open arms to all God sends our way. This needs to be obvious.
Any narration needs to be written by you but I will be glad to help with this after you write the rough draft.
* I will be glad to give a prize to a team of no more than 2 (so if you want to find a partner to help - go for it). By this I mean, two bibles - journals and pens can be given.
Be creative... not silly... not too serious... welcoming... whet the appetite of those who check it out.


The video clip today is 2:16 in time and I know it is worth your time to hear God speak through Tony Evans. I have loved reading and listening to Tony Evans for a very long time. His words are always encouraging and straightforward challenging our thoughts and lives for the furtherance of God's kingdom.

All of us find time during our day or week to stop and listen to or read things that hopefully inspire us. I hope you will take the time to be encouraged and see how God uses Tony Evans to let you know we can be victorious in our Christian walk.

Please take advantage of just a few moments and be encouraged. Your Pastor loves you and wants the best for you. This is the reason I dig through the myriad of things out there to select specific ones which I know are right and good. Things I know will build you and not tear you down. Things I know that will cause you to think and see a bigger and brighter picture of Jehovah God.

This 2:16 is worth your time.

As we wait for a response from the CDA, we continue to gather on Saturdays at 10:00 am at DECC. I hope if you are in the country and not on holiday or away for work you will join us for a great time of fellowship... music... and digging into God's Word.

Tomorrow, we will be in Jeremiah 16. Please take time to read through this passage before tomorrow and re-read a few times, vv. 19-21. I will be drawing from these verses and presenting how God wants us to make our relationship with Him extremely personal. He wants to show us what we can have now or what we need to be drawn into after judgment on His people's rebellion.

Join us tomorrow and let's get our worship on.

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