Friday, July 6, 2018


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Summer is here and there is no escaping the heat if you have to be outside. Even the quick dash (if you find you can dash in this heat) to the car or building is wearing. I have been trying to figure out some things to do with Pamela, outside our apartment other than just be another body in the mass of bodies walking the cooler malls. NOTE: We are not mall people. We live a three-minute drive from the largest mall in the world and we avoid it if at all possible. Just thinking of the parking there gives me a headache. Then you have to find your car when you are done.

The parks are out - too hot... The zoo is out - too hot... the beach is out - even the water is too hot.

SO: I chose the intellectual thing to do. I googled "what to do in the summer in Dubai to beat the heat. Many websites came up to check out. I chose the one titled "67 things to do in Dubai this summer".  In the first 25 suggestions... 20 had to do with food. I am not complaining as many of them looked like places I would love to try but as I am trying to slim myself down. I guess we could try the pace named... # 13 - Nibble Yourself Skinny. Even as I work to skinny myself, the term nibble is not on the menu. I am from the US and nibble is what rabbits do. I wonder if rabbit is on the menu? Here are some other options...
  • 23 Climb up a fake rock - Oh yeah. Who wants to watch me climb a fake rock? This could be funny.
  • 28 Play mini-golf in the dark - Now, this one might be a keeper.
  • 37 Learn to play badminton - Really? Who plays badminton (sorry Camille)? I don't get it and its even an Olympic sport. What is this world coming too?
  • 39 Train to be a pro-wrestler - Hmmmmm, this could be interesting. I like my present career and would rather not be hounded by recruiters to be signed a lucrative deal at this time. Maybe upon retirement.
  • 58 Mold a clay pot - LOL - This is middle school stuff or you have to have one of those artsy genes (which I do not have). I can't even dance.
  • 64 Spin underwater - LOL. I saw some people a while back who did a spin with a strobe light flashing. Flashing lights can give people seizures. If they added the two together... water and a strobe light, I would have a seizure in my first and only exercise class and drown.
I guess I will stay inside for now and nibble on some fat bombs (don't ask, I'm not going to tell you).

Taken by me at Carey Baptists Church 2015

Kolkata, India has a rich history of reaching people for Christ. William Carey is known as the Father of Modern Missions. He founded the Baptist Mission Society. William Carey's story is intriguing and would be a good and encouraging study for all Baptists of all stripes.

In 2015, I had the joy of traveling to Kolkata and every moment was a highlight to see the work that continues among the lost and needy. Thank you Kolkata Christian Fellowship for your diligence and perseverance to impact the masses in Kolkata with the good news. EBCI will continue to keep you in our prayers as you receive our Team this week. Keep them busy for the Lord Jesus. For those going for the first time, show them the great joy of being "On Mission".

Thank you Pastor Ashok and Pastor Nilav for your partnership. I believe this is year nine. We look forward to many... many... more.

Carey Baptist Church
Plaque on Carey Baptist in Memory of Adoniram Judson
Make sure you pick up your prayer guide at church tomorrow. God is at work in Dubai and beyond. We are reaching the nations. Come and join us as we become Disciples who make Disciples to impact the world with the Good News. Kolkata is just one destination God has placed us in partnership with other groups. If God is for us, who can be against us? Romans 8:31.

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