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This old blog - Java w/ Jon -  will not disappear but will remain an active blog where I will post things from this blog and other things which interest and challenge me. The new blog is being worked on and will have its own platform. Please be patient as I work to make the new blog for EBCI news into the blog I have u=in my mind.

There are some out there in cyberland who follow the old blog and I want to continue it as a ministry to them and others it attracts.

I also want to sharpen my writing skills (this does not refer to my typo skills which I believe I have mastered).

When the new blog is up and running, the old blog will not be posted on FB or be sent via email to others. If you are interested in keeping up with that blog, you can subscribe to it and email notices will be sent to you any time I post something new. You can also do the same for the new blog when it arrives.

Thank you to all who stop long enough to read these thoughts in print.



Whether or not the CDA allows us to return to the villa. there will be work needing to be done. All indication is we will be informed before months end what our future will be as far as where we meet.

If the CDA says we can move back, I would like for us to meet prior to the first Friday in August and together do a full cleaning of the facilities. Spruce it up. One reason this needs our help is that Manju is on holiday and the temporary help was brought in to keep things tidy in Manjus absence. So be prepared to step up - show up - scrub down the villa. We may only have a day or two to get it all done.

If the CDA says we cannot move back, we will over the next few months need to get the villa in proper "hand back to the landlord" condition. We all know what this means.

So, regardless of what the CDA's final decision is, we need to be ready to volunteer and work together for the advancement of EBCI.



Coming in October, there will be a special something that I hope will excite you and cause your day of worship to be a heightened experience.

QUESTIONS - 1] Are you excited? 2] Do you want to know already what this surprise is?  3] Are you willing to wait to see?

ANSWERS - 1] I hope so. 2] You ought to. 3] You have to, regardless.

This I can assure you. What the surprise will be is being brought to you to bring glory and honor to God. It is being brought to you to encourage you and excite you concerning the things of your church and her ministries.

This is going to be good. You do not want to miss it.



We need someone or a couple to fill the role of Children's Church Director.

Children's Church starts back when school resumes but we need the volunteer now so we can pass the material to you so you can be ready to start when the kids are back and the ministry resumes.

If you are interested, please contact Pastor Jon... Pastor Matt or Sheeba.

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