Tuesday, July 17, 2018


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July 19 Deadline


Though this was just a follow-up surgery to remove the stent that was inserted in May, the stent is now gone and I feel great. I mean great. Your prayers were a great comfort to me as I had to walk this short journey of being constantly uncomfortable.

I am a blessed Pastor who knows my people love and care for me. I hope you know that love and care is how I want to be known by you. I pray for you and ask God to grow you and build within you His character.

I serve a GREAT CHURCH and a GREATER GOD. I am blessed. 

Keep praying as we near the end of the month and anticipate a response from the CDA on whether we can return to the villa or remain at DECC. Know that whatever the answer, God is still on the throne and we can do all things through Him who is our strength.


I cannot tell you exactly what this surprise is or when it exactly will occur, but it looks like early October is the best window of time I can give. I think this surprise will knock your socks off.

There is a downside to this surprise. There will be no forwarning for which weekend this will happen. That is somewhat out of my control (not completely). So, I encourage you to not miss a service and always come expectantly for God to bless you from your heart out.

Don't be asking what the surprise is... I am not telling. I will just smile and tell you, "You will have to wait".


Please note that the Gospel Project will be on hiatus until school resumes. As is usual with summers in Dubai, the population drops across the region significantly. If you ever have been here through a summer, you completely understand why. This drop in population affects everything. Malls are near empty... highways and roads are so much easier to get around on... churches of all stripes can easily drop 1/3 or more of their attendees. This is a common reality here in Dubai. This is the reason for the hiatus. The effects will be felt until September just prior to when school resumes.

Please be in prayer for those traveling and for those who have remained behind in the ME oven.

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