Friday, August 10, 2018



I want to encourage all who can to attend tomorrow's service. It has been a great week and I am so excited about the word God has for us, to encourage us and continue to bring us together for greater things.

Take time to read Jeremiah 18:1-6 and enjoy God's teaching that He will be like the Potter in the story. The difference is... God is the potter who never makes a mistake or a bad vessel.

The first 4 points of tomorrow's message will speak directly to the workings of God as the potter in our lives... The 5th point will be where the Potter makes the greatest challenge to our personal lives as His followers.

Other than chapter 1, this is the most exciting of all we have covered thus far in this series. Chapter 10 comes close (that is where there were 11 points -- [smile]).


Next week, Pamela and I will be on a short holiday. I am so glad God has given such capable men to step in and fill the preaching of the Word. Laike will be sharing from God's Word and I know... you know... He is a gifted speaker who expounds God's Word faithfully and thoroughly. 

Make sure you are present next week and support Laike. We are EBCI and I know it will be a great weekend.

ALSO... If CDA comes through while Pamela and I are out of the country, enjoy the return to the villa. If the wait continues, we will be back for the following weekend. 

Next post on Sunday.                                                      

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